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Amazon is being referred to as the ‘KING’ of all online shopping applications at the moment. This is one app which has flawless compatibility with Android, Apple as well as Windows operating systems. You can download the app anytime anywhere in your smartphone and then you can literally-shop till you drop.

Amazon offers an abundant selection of items to choose and buy from. You will find almost everything that you can possibly think of. You will find fashion apparel for men, women and children, shoes of all ranges and sizes, sophisticated jewelry, handbags and accessories, cosmetics and toiletries for both men as well as women, toys and games, home décor items, kitchenware, gourmet food items, furniture for your house, hardware, power and hand tools, bathroom fittings, lights and lamps, appliances, bed and bath items, pet supplies, stationery stuff, books, magazines, event and party supplies, electronic devices, cycling and hiking gears, all sorts of sport equipment ,art & craft materials, artwork, sewing sets, baby utilities, garden decorative items, patio and lawn furniture, music or movie CDs and DVDs and what not. The list just goes on and so does their varieties and brands.

Features Of The Amazon Application:

1) Events Only Available At Amazon App -
There are several events which you will find only on the Amazon app. There are offers and discounts aimed especially for Amazon users. Shopping is always more fun and interesting when you get discounts and rebates. Amazon is dedicated to give you the best shopping experience all at one place.

2) Light In Weight -
Nowadays, we have so many apps that are stored in our Smart phones that there is hardly any space left for a shopping app. Compatible with any smartphone, the Amazon download takes up the least of your device memory. Not only that, you can buy all sorts of products at this one-stop online destination.

3) Fast Browsing Experience -
This is the fastest online shopping application among the rest. You can swipe pages full of products in fraction of seconds. The pages hardly take any time to load and the entire process of scanning through the products, choosing your favorites and making the payments happen in no time.

4) Delivery Tracking -
Amazon’s delivery tracking system is one of its kinds. Once you have ordered your selected product, you can track every step of it being delivered to you. Right from confirmation to getting shipped to the delivery person’s location and details- everything is informed to you via text messages along with emails from Amazon. It is a thorough and faultless process.

5) Secure Payment System -
You can pay through Cash On Delivery (COD) or use your debit or credit cards. Whichever option you choose, your payment is totally safe. There is no chance of your payment falling through or any fraudulent activities getting linked to your debit or credit cards.

6) Universal Service -
Amazon is not just limited to India. It is widely used by people all over the world. Hence, you will find exported as well as imported products to buy from. Almost all popular brands from different countries are available on Amazon.

7) Colossal Shopping Catalog -
Amazon offers the widest range of products in numerous brands and ranges all at the touch of your finger, right on the screen of your smartphone. No other app provides such anassortment.

Reasons Why You Should Use The Amazon App:

The reasons for using an online shopping app such as Amazon are manifold.

The first reason that apps in general have become so popular is convenience. In today's day and age, the pace of lifestyle and advances in technology are both progressing at a break-neck pace. This also means less time for people to actually visit physical stores for shopping. That is where a shopping app like Amazon comes in. It gives users the convenience of browsing, selecting and finishing shopping with a few touches of their fingertips. It doesn't really matter where the shopper is or where the merchant is located.

The users can simply browse through different products, select the one they like, enter payment details and have the product delivered to their doorsteps. It is also extremely attractive to people who want to avoid going shopping in crowded places. Amazon gives users the power to shop from anywhere they like. This helps them save money on commute etc. and avoid unnecessary unpleasant experiences.

Amazon also gives its users a plethora of products and merchants to choose from. Hence, not only can the user select the right product easily, they can also view a lot more products than they could have done at a physical store and select exactly which merchant to buy it from based on their reliability ratings. This, in essence, empowers the users to not be forced into buying something despite not being 100% convinced.

Amazon also usually has products at very competitive prices. Since the overheads of maintaining a physical store is not there for an online app, that cost saving is typically passed on to the end user which is making more and more sophisticated products become available at very attractive prices. Moreover, Amazon often has deals and discounts exclusively for app users. This is an added incentive for people to shop using the app, which is why more people are becoming comfortable with shopping on their phones and tablets.

An additional advantage of using apps like Amazon is discreet purchases. Often, users are embarrassed to buy certain things in a crowded place, thus not buying the item at all. Mobile apps solve that problem since users get the complete privacy of their mobile phones while shopping. 

It is because of all the above reasons and perhaps more that apps are becoming an increasingly bigger market in India, and Amazon holds a prime position in this.Amazon for Android has more than a million users, and their iOS and Windows user bases are huge too. But with the marketing still growing, it is only fair to expect that the growth of Amazon as a shopping app has only just begun.

What's new?

Version -

- All Known Bugs Fixed for Better Shopping Experience.

- While Shopping, You can play the music by just clicking the mic icon.

- Update the latest version and enjoy the seamless shopping experience from your smartphone.

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