Android System Webview

Android System Webview

61.0.3163.98 for Android
Google Inc.

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All About Android System Webview App

Android System Webview is basically a system component present in android devices. It is powered by Chrome and it helps to display the web content. This app is pre-installed on most of the devices and functions so that the present bugs get fixed. Besides, this app should be updated so that the security problems can be taken care of.

Features That Android System Webview App Provides:

There are certain features that this app provides for the security of your device which are as follows:

One special feature provided by this app is that it enables the user to open up web pages within the app, without even leaving the app.

You can also access the news rss. All you have to do is to pull links out of Webview and thus the readers are allowed to go through the news without taking an exit from the app.

Through this app only, Google can push security fixes and all other associated enhancements instead of the requirement to push entire system update.

Therefore, this app acts for as a support for your device to run smoothly and supports other apps. Many of the users often fail to understand the true worth of this app and uninstall it, due to which the devices become more prone to damage.

What Other Things Android System Webview Can It Do?

As a matter of fact, Android System Webview allows Third Party apps to show their content in either a browser or in the app screen which has been pulled from the web. It can also act as a mini app browser and allows login from Google+ or Facebook. With the update of your device it automatically gets updated. You can also update in anytime from as well.This app is there for an additional security purpose and therefore should be used carefully.

Package Information

  • Package:
  • Version: 61.0.3163.98
  • Size: 32.3 MB
  • Requires: Android 5.0+ Or Higher
  • Category: Tools
  • Date: 2021-09-24 22:29:42
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