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All About Blogger App

Blogger app is an Android app for the famous blogger launched by Google. It is an app which allows posting blogs on the move anytime and anywhere. Google found out the need for an app for its bloggers and introduced it in all android and IOS application accessibility. Blogger app is highly user-friendly and Google has kept it as simple as possible.

Blogging has become a new profession, and professional bloggers, are in increasing demand. Travel bloggers who are almost on the move all time, can very well post their blogs on time and experience comments and feedback on their blogs in real time basis.

Features Of Blogger App:

If you have an account at Blogger, installing the app can be of great use to you. A huge number of features welcome you so that you can enjoy blogging even from your smartphone when you are traveling or when you are not available with your computer. The application allows you to:

View the post and number of blogs.

Post a new post or save it for future publication.

Add labels to already published posts and to the new posts while publishing.

Add locations and tag it.

Write post on mobile and on the move.

Why to use blogger app?

All these features add new dimensions to an experience of blogger through a mobile app. Blogging is a new profession in today’s world. Google’s blogger has helped many people develop blogging as a profession. In order to suit the demands of the rapid smartphone world, Google has introduced and launched Google Blogger app in order to help millions of bloggers post blogs and post their posts on the move anywhere and anytime. Although the number of features in the mobile app is limited, however, there are broad features which the user can use and can really use the app for their personal or professional perusal.

What's new?

Version - 2.1.3

- Sign up and start Blogging on the go.

- Manage your blogs and basic info with ease.

Package Information

  • Package:
  • Version: 2.1.3
  • Size: 2.7 MB
  • Requires: Android 2.1+ Or Higher
  • Category: Communication
  • Date: 2021-09-18 16:28:10
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