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5.84.0 for Android

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The amazing classroom community

  • Size 158.2MB
  • Version 5.84.0
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  • Developer ClassDojo
  • Requirment Android 8.0+
  • Category Education
  • Added 2023-05-15

All About ClassDojo

ClassDojo is one of the best, safe and secure communication app for students, teachers, and parents. It is one of the best educational apps that gives together a digital classroom experience.

Features of ClassDojo

Teachers can directly encourage students for any skill like working hard and teamwork.

In ClassDojo students can easily submit their classwork to their own digital portfolio for their parents to see.

Teachers can share the classroom digitally with the parents by sharing photos, videos and important announcements.

ClassDojo easily recognize and celebrate achievements.

Parents can keep an eye on their child's progress from home as well as stream photos and videos from school.

Why use ClassDojo?

ClassDojo builds a positive environment for all teachers,students, and their parents. It helps the students to communicate with parents and teachers freely. It is like having a digital classroom in your smartphone.


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