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All About Colors Tv App

There is of course no doubt in the fact, how this world is changing. There was a time though where entertainment meant only television. Nowadays there are other devices too. And also, there is television available in these devices as well.

Colors Tv is a channel by Viacom productions. Since, it started, it has absolutely managed to win over hearts. With its various series featuring the not so usual Indian family dramas, it has of course created a vibe.

This channel has its own application known as the colors tv app. One can download this app from the appdodo for their android devices. They can thus enjoy all their favourite Colors channel shows without forgetting about them anymore.

All they have to do is own an android mobile or a tablets. And even if they are not near their television they will remember to watch their tv shows on time.

Using colors tv application is extremely easy and as the times are passing its upgraded versions are making things easier.

The features of Colors Tv App:

Following are the various features of colors tv app:

Easy to use: This is of course the very first feature of this app. People can use these easily without having to learn much. All they have to do is press the colors tv icon on their phone after they have installed them. Of course they do an internet connection for the same.

Organized layout: This is again one very important advantage and feature of this site. People can expect an organized layout. Everything is in its place. And this is absolutely why one doesn’t have to concentrate on finding the various things of course.

Watch your favourite shows: People can of course get to watch their favourite tv shows from the colors channel without any problem. They do not have to worry about a perfect time schedule. This app will help them remember the time without any problem at all.

Keep up with the show updates: Of course people can now check with the various pictures and videos from their favourite shows. They can also, keep up with the show updates without much problem at all. One can enjoy the behind the scene pictures and keep up with their favourite stars.

How to use Colors Tv App?

Using colors tv app is extremely easy. There are various options provided for people. All they need to do is follow the step by step process but only after turning their internet connection on. Firstly a person must click on the colors tv icon. After thecolors tv app opens they can select the drop down menu provided on the left of the screen.

They can thus come across a list of options. They can select the “Shows” options and a list of the shows will appear. One can select their favourite show and read all updates about it. They can enjoy the videos and latest news on them. They can even check with the pictures of these shows.

For seeing the pictures though, there is another option available on the drop down menu. One can click on the “Pictures” option and get to see the pictures. They will of course not have to worry much about it.

They can even click on the “Schedule” option and set reminder for their favourite shows. Once they click on the option they will get a list of shows and a bell icon placed against each. They can click on that icon and get through with their favourite shows in no time of course.

One must use colors tv app for various reasons. Firstly it can be easily downloaded from Appdodo. Then people can access these easily. And of course lastly, they get to keep touch with their favourite shows.

Package Information

  • Package: com.viacom18.colorstv
  • Version: 2.2
  • Size: 19.9 MB
  • Requires: Android 4.4+ Or Higher
  • Category: Music & Video
  • Date: 2019-11-23 06:43:53
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