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All About Dj Liker App

DJ Liker contributes to being an auto liking application that was created in the year of 2013. This application has started growing an alluring speed. This application confers safe and free post likes to different facebook users. This application is never spammed and has total protection. DJ Liker also aids in conferring multiple comments on public posts by the similar methods done by us during Facebook Likes. In addition to this, Facebook Auto Followers application is being created by this application for making you more popular. This application is programmed for helping facebook users who do not get enough likes on their posts and keep on asking others to do the same.

Feature of DJ liker

DJ Liker application is conferred by Free Facebook with almost 100 of likes at a time to one post. It depends exclusively on you how much more time you want to wait for getting more 100 likes at the specific post. You can keep adding more likes to the same post. It is possible to enhance the number of likes from 100 to 120 in no time with the aid of DJ liker download.

DJ Liker download contributes to being a simpler process. In the laptop, you require managing the account for enhancing the number of likes. In addition to this, the application runs after a time period of 15 minutes post to the first process. You require waiting for a time span of another 15 minutes as you get the first like. It is possible to enhance the comments on your status and profile as well and it is tough to understand that they are not genuine.

Some of the features of this application are inclusive of:

DJ liker aids in getting legit facebook likes on pictures which will make you popular in front of your friends and you will be procuring a lot of appreciation.

The likes you get for growing in the way appears natural. As you will add a picture, it will not be showing thousands or hundreds of likes on the picture directly. Instead, it will take a day or two for enhancing in order to make it look very natural.

In case you use other auto liker applications, as you click on the profile of people who have liked your photos, they will not be opening as most of the profiles are spam. On the other hand, DJ liker application displays the genuine profiles of real people who have liked those photos, however, not in reality.

It is possible to get a minimum of 1000 likes on every picture as you upload them and make use of this application.

DJ Liker also shows followers so that your friends will reply that you are getting likes from genuine followers.

Why you should use Dj Liker?

There are several reasons owing to which people consider using this application. This application can be used without any hassles. It is believed to be a reliable software which does not lock the Facebook ID. It is possible to get 100 likes at a single time with the aid of this application. It is possible to get comments to every post with the use of an auto comment.

Package Information

  • Package: com.djliker
  • Version: 1.0
  • Size: 884.26kB
  • Requires: Android 2.3 Or Higher
  • Category: Tools
  • Date: 2019-11-23 03:27:12
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