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The Best Root App For Android Devices

All About Hide App App

Hide app is an application developed to root smartphones.How easy would it be for somebody to adopt your identity if they had control of your Android Phone? Depending on how extravagant your inner defences are, they would be able to text people as you, post to your Social Sites, maybe even admittance your bank accounts or make consumptions in your name.

Moreover, the latest technology has made these strange little gadgets a part of our identity. The idea that Android Phone has become an extension of the self is not a new one. Many people want to hide their personal data from others such as photos, the desire to tuck away files, or applications on your Android smart phone is a popular way. Hide App is the option that can help you in doing so.

Features Of Hide App:

The name of the app suggests that it is mainly for the purpose of hiding your data so that you can protect your confidentiality from strangers. Apart from this basic function, the app is known to offer a number of features to the users. Here is a list of features that Hide App has to offer.:

The application hides all the applications on your device that you wish to keep as hidden. You can open these applications from the launcher of Hide App.

The application comes totally free and you can install it from the Google Play Store quite easily.

Apart from hiding your applications, the application also offers the feature of PIN lock for your locked or hidden applications.

The application is also expert in providing the features of auto backup. Also, it helps in restoring back the apps that you have first hidden.

Hide application gets updated on a regular basis and hence each time new features get added. The latest update has been freed from the latest bugs to make it run smoother than before.

Package Information

  • Package: comapede.app.versteckeapp
  • Version: 2.00
  • Size: 275.6 KB
  • Requires: Android 2.2+ Or Higher
  • Category: Tools
  • Date: 2019-11-21 22:44:13
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