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All About Instagram

Instagram is a website and later a smartphone app which is an internet based photo sharing service to upload pictures from your daily life and communicate with your known and dear ones. Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger created this photo sharing app and launched it in 2010 as a free mobile app for iOS operating system. After 2 years, in 2012, the Android version of Instagram was launched along with a website with limited features in November 2012. It also launched the app version for Windows 10 OS in 2016.

Similar to Twitter or Facebook, anyone who creates profile in Instagram, you need to have a valid email account. You can sync it with Facebook and Twitter account. It helps you get connected to the world with clicks.

Features Of Instagram

Compatible devices:
Instagram download is free for the users of iOS and Android devices. There is an Instagram website but with limited feature, so, you have to upload photos with your mobile only.

Straighten, Adjust Perspective and Rotate Photos:
To adjust perspective, crop you photo to square (1:1) then tap the wrench icon and click on “Adjust”, provided that it won’t appear if your photo is not square from where you will get the option of straighten and thus you can also rotate your photo in whichever angle you like.

Manage your filters:
Instagram has the property of many filters that you can add to your photos to make it more attractive. Though, the famous trend is to post your photos without any filter. But if you opt for filters, you can edit your picture for maximum attention. For doing that, you have to swipe to the “Menu” where you will get filter option and as soon as you click on it, it will give you a varied options of filters. You can also choose the filters you want to see as options and hide other filters which you done like.

Send the posts in your Feed to Friends:
Instagram has an in-built messaging service known as Instagram Direct, the box icon in the corner, which enables you to send your private photo along with text to selected recipients who are friends and groups. For this, tap the right arrow icon in the Instagram app which will bring “Send to” list from where you can select the person you want to send the picture to.

Link other Social Networking Sites:
Most users sync their Instagram account with Facebook and Twitter accounts but many of you won’t know that your Instagram account can be connected with other social networking sites also like Flickr, Tumblr, Swarm, Ameba, etc. For syncing your Instagram account to other social networking sites, you have to go to that “gear icon”, under “Settings”, click on “Linked Accounts” and select on the account you want to sync with. Next time, when you post a new photo in your Instagram account, you will see the same photo uploaded in your linked accounts as well.

Change the Cover Thumbnail on you Video:
Instagram good cover thumbnail makes an impression to you Instagram profile as it will come as an introduction. You can add a cover video also but there should be an option for the viewer to play or not to play the video.

Use Bio Space:
Instagram has the featuring of Bio Space where you can write a short description about yourself, just like Facebook. This is also an introductory part that has to be used by the Instagram user. If it is a commercial account, then you should provide information about the brand.

Emojis and Hashtag:
Emojis and Hashtag are an integral part for using Instagram. You should use in it wherever you write anything whether in Bio Space or caption of any photo, even in your comments. Hashtags is quite important for other users to find the content or photo in Instagram while they search using the “hashtag”. More use of hashtags and emojisfetches more likes and comments.

Un-tag Yourself:
Quite similar to Facebook, Instagram gives you the ability to remove yourself from the tag list of a photo in which you have been tagged by another user. This will help you keep a polished Instagram account without much of unwanted photos with the help of the tab of “Photos of you”.

See your Friend’s Activity:
You can see what your friends are doing Instagram, whether it is what they likes or posts. For beginners, this feature is very important as it helps you to know the currents trend of photos uploaded in Instagram and other features of the app.

Look for Photos you have liked previously:
If you are a user, using the Instagram app for a long time, then it is a laborious task to find a photo that you posted initially. But without searching for the photo in your “News Feed”, you can go for the option of “Photos You’ve Liked” under Options list.

Get Notifications From You Favorite Sites:
You can customize to get notifications from the accounts you like, by going to their profile and choosing “Turn on Post Notifications”, which will give you a notification whenever they post a new photo. This will keep you updated on Instagram.

Why You Should Use Instagram?

As the world is changing with advanced technology, you also have to update yourself. Today, everyone knowns what is happening in the other part of the world, so, if you want to beat this competitive world, you have to be aware of everything. Instagram is the free photo- based social networking site like Facebook and Twitter where you get to follow someone you admire and get followed even. Using photos to give your update is preferable than writing a whole long post. Pictures are meant to give a visual approach to your followers which can even inspire them. You can also use Instagram for increasing the scope of small business.

Instagram for android is a total hit because it is picturesque and micro. It has the ability to add fun in the way you take pictures, enabling you to see the world in a beautiful manner.


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