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The stunning app to facilitate your online payment

All About Mobikwik App

With cashless India as a prime objective from all level of Governments, there are different things that are coming before you as options. Mobikwik is one such application that allows you to deal with the things directly from your smart phone. There are endless features in the Mobikwik application, like all other applications of this kind. However, some of the things are there in the Mobikwik application that is much different in it and that makes a big difference in the entire thing. Just check out the different features of the application and you will definitely prefer it much more than other apps.

Features of Mobikwik

The first top feature of the Mobikwik application allows you to make payment to every level and that is one of the specialities of the app too. Make payment o your electricity bills, to you gas bills and even to your Google play purchases. The last option is not availed through any of the online payment applications, there in the market.

The next approach is in the form of fund transfers. Send request for payment or make payments to anyone, directly to the bank accounts. There is absolutely no need of any sort of wallet or other smart options in this application. This is another thing that makes a big difference of this Mobikwik application from all other apps.

The Mobikwik application is high end in all possible ways and one of the top line, regarding the difference, lies in the payment option from the account of yours to the local stores. Visit the application page and you will find a tab called local store payment. There you will find different options that are going to make payment to the offline stores too. Check out the available options in each of the category. You are able to access all of them endless times.

Apart from the recharges and the bill payment options, there are different things that are going to be sorted out by you too. You can check out the payment options in offer tab of the application too – there you will get options like payment to the different shows or booking tickets online. Offers like discount at the food counters and cafes are also there enlisted in the offer page for your support in Mobikwik.

Finally, there is one top and unique feature in the application – getting the bus tickets online. Mobikwik is having over 100000+ bus services across India and you can avail the tickets from the online portal at ease. This is going to give you some of the top effects and that is going to make the service portable in all ways. So, make your trip suitable and helpful for your future progress.

How to use Mobikwik

There is always a need of something suitable that is going to explore your online payment solutions. Making payments scheduled and structured from your smart phones makes the task easier and exciting for you. Avail hat through the help of this Mobikwik app. Just create your account, either from the website or from the app and ad your bank accounts and linked cards. This is all that you need and that is in turn going to give a specific advantage. The first and the foremost option that you are having right at this moment is this app itself. The Mobikwik app is going to give you some of the options, which you have never availed from any of the similar apps.

What's new?

Version - 8.4

- Minor Known Bugs Fixed.

- App Stability and Overall Performance Improved.

Package Information

  • Package: com.mobikwik_new
  • Version: 8.4
  • Size: 6.2 MB
  • Requires: Android 4.0.3+ Or Higher
  • Category: Shopping
  • Date: 2019-11-23 17:23:03
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