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All About NetVelocity App

The app Net Velocity is designed for multipurpose functions. This app permits the customers to compare, measure, and share their network performance anywhere and anytime. Basically, the net velocity is a speed test app which brings several best features by which one android user can test the download and upload speeds, the inactivity as well the speed for run Facebook and YouTube apps and so on. It is very abundant comparable to the Speed test app that is well-known already on diverse platforms and gives quite an accurate information of the data connectivity speeds. Let’s discuss about the features of the Net Velocity:

Features of Net Velocity Android Application:

The application comes packed with a number of features:

1. Tests the Jitter.

2. Tell you whether the device is running on Wi-Fi or Data (and the network).

3. Checks for the Packet loss in the connectivity.

4. The band of Wi-Fi is mentioned.

5. Tests Upload Speed.

6. Google, Facebook and YouTube connectivity time taken.

7. Tests Download Speed.

8. Tests the Latency in the linking or Ping speed.

9. The Net Velocity app can complete drive test by using predefined coverage test system and that too in just a single click on the tab.

10. IP tools are also accessible in the app that helps to implement network Indicative command such as Ping, Trace route, Port scanner and DNS lookup.

11. It smartly analyses and variety a cumulative with regard to the client feedback which is based on events and user response. This analysis helps a lot to other clients during the time of review and developers at the time of bettering the features of this app.

All the above feature checks are done under the Full Test option. Install the Net Velocity application and you will be able to check the speed of the network and also will be able to enjoy other features.

Package Information

  • Package: com.inn.nvengineer
  • Version: 3.8.7
  • Size: Varies with device
  • Requires: Android 4.2+ Or Higher
  • Category: Tools
  • Date: 2021-09-24 22:40:10
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