PhonePe – Money Transfer, Recharge & Bill Payment

PhonePe – Money Transfer, Recharge & Bill Payment

3.3.1 for Android

Pay Through Your Phone

All About PhonePe – Money Transfer, Recharge & Bill Payment App

PhonePe is a great payment app and one of the most loved utility app. UPI method of payment transfers has revolutionized the mobile payment system in India and to do that PhonePe is really a cool app. It’s not just UPI Payments but a lot more stuff that you can do with PhonePe like Mobile Recharge, Electricity, water and lots of other kinds of bills. PhonePe is lot easier than Mobile Banking and runs too smoothly on your devices and you can catch hold of lots of offers. PhonePe currently supports more than 40 banks and 10 languages.

Features of PhonePe Android Application:

Easy Payment through your Bank Account: You don’t have to worry about recharging your Digital wallet because all your payments will be directly debited from your Bank account just after linking your bank account. Make hassle free and seamless, secure payment anytime through PhonePe.

Multiple Payment Modes: You can pay through different modes like, UPI enabled account, PhonePe Wallet or your Debit/Credit Card. Another feature about this different mode is that you can also partially pay from your wallet quite seamlessly.

Secure Blazing fast wallet Payments: You can top up your PhonePe wallet using UPI method or even Debit/Credit card and make amazingly fast payments of Recharges, Transfers and many more.

No worries about Money in Wallet: Another cool feature about PhonePe is they allow your Wallet amount to be transferred to your bank account. Now you don’t have to worry about your money being stuck in the app. You can transfer your money just by a swipe without incurring any charge.

Saves Card Details for Fast and Secure Payments: You don’t have to enter your card details every time you want to pay from your card. You can save a lot of time and stress just by saving your card details for future payments. No hassle just fast and secure Payment.

Just ONE app for all Payments: This app makes your life so simpler and making payment so fast and fun. Utility bills, mobile recharges, transfers so easy to bank, friends and family. You can also check your Bank Balance through this app.

Supports 10 Languages: It’s not just limited to English now, Now you can use the app in your most convenient language, it supports 10 languages and you can expect more languages in future. The 10 languages supported are English, Hindi, Kannada, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Bengali, Marathi, Gujarati and Assamese.

How To Use PhonePe?

1. Using PhonePe is very easy, Just download PhonePe from our website

2. Now install in your phone, Open the app.

3. Register and also for UPI method you’ll need to send a SMS which the app will automatically do with your permission now link your Bank account.

4. That’s it, now you can make quick payment and enjoy so many offers.

Why choose PhonePe over other apps?

PhonePe is just favorite app of so many people as it does things quickly and very convenient to use. It supports so many Banks and you can pay at shopping websites too. The app runs too smoothly and gives you so many unique features users will fall in love with PhonePe.

Package Information

  • Package:
  • Version: 3.3.1
  • Size: 5.54 MB
  • Requires: Android 4.0.3 Or Higher
  • Category: Shopping
  • Date: 2019-11-23 17:24:08
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