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22.3.1 for Android

by: PicsArt, Inc.

An app for creating incredible pictures

  • Size 73.1MB
  • Version 22.3.1
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  • Developer PicsArt, Inc.
  • Requirment Android 6.0+
  • Category Photography
  • Added 2023-05-15

All About Picsart

Picsart is said to be a photo collage, image editing, drawing application as well as social network. This application lets users take as well as edit images, draw with the aid of layers. It allows you to share images with PicsArt community here. You can also share images on networks such as Instagram and Facebook via this application. This application can be availed on Windows, Android, and iOS mobile devices. It is also possible to avail them on computers running on Windows 8.1 and other higher operating system.

Features of Picsart

Picsart is considered to be sketching as well as graphic editing software which is found on play store. It comes with a wider variety of features which range from basic and are inclusive of the crop, resize, etc. It also comes with advanced features like motion blur, masking and stretching. Millions of users download this application on Gooogle play store. It counts to be one of the well renowned graphic application which is found in Android phones. Here is a list of the most popular features of Picsart which make it well renowned among Android users:

It is possible to balance and adjust shadows, color correction, hue, brightness, saturation, the contract at ease with the aid of picsArt.

Motion Blur
It is recognized to be the most complex tool in the application of Picsart. It is used for the creation of images. Blur making pictures will appear as if they are in motion. Owing to the fact, few parts of the image which is blurred is chosen as well as stretched in free form or linear form.

It is possible to add a wide variety of amazing filters to images. The most common filters which are available are inclusive Picsart of B&W, sunny, Light cross, twilight, dodger, retro. In a similar way, it is possible to add motion, lens and zoom blur in images. Likewise, paper effects, artistic effects, and Pop Art contribute to being among the unique filters which confer a vintage look to the photos.

Apart from editing photos, this application is beneficial in the creation of cool sketches at the same time. It comes with inbuilt drawing facilities as well as tools which are inclusive of shapes, brushes for making the drawings realistic. These tools are used for the creation of superb facebook banners, covers, the logo for blogs, etc.

Masking is another worth mentioning feature of this app which aids in adding overlays to images. It is possible to add various light flares, light effects, artistic graphics like the universe, stars, Xmas effect, heart, textures, borders, etc. It is also possible to download a number of similar effects from picsart store.

It is also possible to insert hundreds of various available styles and fonts in photos. Picsart is possible to control the color of shadows, texts, stroke for adding an additional effect to alphabets.

This Picsart application enables you to crop a photo in three different ways. First, you should crop the image normally which indicate that you can remove unnecessary parts of the image in a simple way. Secondly, you should crop the photo freely where you require removing some parts by drawing boundary lines amidst start and end point and at the end, the shape cropping is useful in cropping images in the form of shapes like circle, rectangle, cone, star. It is possible to add these kinds of cropped parts in Clip Art Gallery.

Gifs and videos
Drawings or sketches which are created in this application can be converted into GIF or video in time lapse form.

Multiple Layers
As you use sketching tool, it is possible to add multiple layers in drawings. Picsart is possible to convert these layers into a single layer for the formation of the whole sketch. It is possible to copy, merge and transform them. There are varied blending effects such as darken, multiply, overlay and darken. In a similar way, the capacity of layer can be reduced or enhanced.

It is one of the top most features of Picasa which is widely used by a number of people in these days. With the aid of this feature, it is possible to combine two or more photos into a singular one. It is possible to prepare a collage in the form of frame or grid. There are a wide variety of layouts present in grid mode. Frames, on the other hand, can be Picsart downloaded from Picasa store with an eye to forming a collage.

Magic Video
Magic Video is another popular feature of this application which makes use of artificial intelligence for the Picsart application of various effects which are inclusive of several that are inspired by art movements as well as movies. With Magic Video, users can choose from ten various art inspired filters for application to videos, modeled after various art periods.

Why should you use PicsArt to edit Photos?

Picsart is recognized to be one of the favorite apps among many people that allow to edit images, make collages as well as fun tricks for enhancing pictures on the go. With the use of controls they are offering, it is possible to take any image with the aid of this application. This application plays an indispensable role in making the photos look better and communication of messages with the aid of tit. It is considered to being a superb asset in making your pictures perfect for social media platforms.


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