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All About Softonic App

The world nowadays goes by technology. It is quite evident that how each and everything has an app for it. But unfortunately for many, they may not know about the latest apps as soon as they launch.

Neither would they have an idea of the ways to operate them as well. It is absolutely why people must make sure that they are suing the Softonic app. This is like a guide app available for the people. With this application there are so many advantages, that people can hardly imagine of the very same.

Features of Softonic:

Following are the various features of this application:

A guide available: This is no wonder the very first feature of this application. One must make sure of the very fact that with this guide they can definitely get hold of various applications and also have an idea about their utilization. One will also learn to get the various apps working with this guide.

Know about latest news: This is definitely the very best feature about this application. One can make sure that they will definitely get through with the latest news with this application. All new apps will no longer be invisible to you anymore.

Free: This application is absolutely free for the people. It is apparently why there will be no charge incurred at all. One can get an immense of knowledge and that too for free for sure.

Great interface: This application is great for the novices as well. People can really make sure of the very fact that this application offers a great user experience to the people. This definitely makes all the difference.

The best videos: This application has one of the finest videos on how to use various applications. This will definitely provide people with an immense help when it comes to using an application. It acts as a hands on helping application.

How to use Softonic?

One must download this application from the app store. And then they must start by creating an account. After this they can directly opt for the drop down menu and read from the categories that they want.

They will get through with the pages that will open up to the applications. And one can select anyone to know about. They can also use the search bar for the same. One must just type the name of the app that they want to know about.

Package Information

  • Package: com.softonic
  • Version: 2.6.75
  • Size: 2.82 MB
  • Requires: Android 4.0.3 Or Higher
  • Category: Browsing
  • Date: 2019-11-23 05:46:00
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