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All About Spotify App

Spotify contributes to being one of the well-renowned apps conferring music streaming videos across the globe. There are several options and features which you can explore in mobile as well as desktop applications. This application confers freemium services which indicate that the basic features are free within the advertisements. On the other hand, the additional features are inclusive of offline music downloads and streaming quality.

Spotify application can be availed in different parts of Europe, New Zealand, Australia, America and some parts of Asia. It can be availed in most of the modern devices which are inclusive of Linux computers, MacOS, windows. This application pays royalties in accordance with the number of artists streams as a part of the total songs which are streamed on the service. It is possible to search or browse music for various parameters such as album, playlists, artists, genre and record level. Users are capable of editing, creating and sharing playlists with the aid of this application. This application helps in sharing songs on social media. You can gain access to more than 30 million songs with the aid of Netflix. This application has more than 100 million monthly active users.

Features of Spotify

Remote control
This feature confers users the options to jump between devices or control playback on a device from the other with the assumption that they are all on the similar Wi-Fi network. It is known as Spotify Connect. It is possible to see it in action by loading up the application on an iPhone, laptop, iPad, android smartphone.

Importing your own songs
If there is an obscure live track which is not present in the application but you are willing to do, you can add it to the library by the use of import option. In case you move to the preferences page present inside the desktop application, you will be capable of finding local files section where you it is possible to add folders.

Playlists filters and folders
Playlists contribute to being the rock on which the application is built. It is possible to sort playlists into folders for organizing them. It is also possible to filter playlists with the aid of this feature.

Hiding playlists
Playlists which you create in this application is considered to be public. This indicates every person who will visit your profile page will have an idea of your tastes. If you do not want this to happen, you can go to preferences present in the desktop application and turn off the switch that is labeled automatically for making the new playlists public.

Copy playlists
It is possible to subscribe to specific playlists by few people. It is also possible to add or remove playlists as they want without warning. In order to ensure that you have your own copy, you can use the copy playlists feature.

Keyboard control
A wide number of keyboard shortcuts can be availed in the desktop applications by which you can control Spotify at ease without requiring to reach for the cursor or mouse.

Why you should use Spotify?

There are several reasons owing to which people prefer using this application on an extensive scale. If you are keen on having fewer applications on your system, you can say no to a desktop client of the app and make use of the application. If you make use of Your Music section in an effective way for saving albums and songs you are willing to listen to, you do not require creating playlists.

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