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10.0.8 for Android

by: Telegram FZ-LLC

The fastest instant messaging app

  • Size 69.5MB
  • Version 10.0.8
  • Package org.telegram.messenger
  • Developer Telegram FZ-LLC
  • Requirment Android 4.4+
  • Category Communication
  • Added 2023-09-16

All About Telegram

Telegram is an app that facilitates simple and secures instant messaging facilities, has made it big to reach the subscriber base of more than 100 million active subscribers, just with a span of 2 and a half years. Featuring synchronization across the device, users trust on this app for its robust safety aspects as well as extreme user-friendliness. It will be especially relevant to state that to millions of users, this app has been a worthy alternative to WHATSAPP. As such, the popularity of this app is rising at a massive pace with the passage of time.

Features of Telegram

Telegram holds a robust network of global data centers, and hence, this is the fastest app for instant messaging in contemporary times. As the app comes SYNCED across the device, users can access the messages from all types of devices. For instance, they can type the message on their phones and send the message from their laptops and tablets. This ensures that users shall never use the data.

The best feature of Telegram is that it does not have restrictions on the size of the files and media in terms of the size and types. The entire history of the Chatting gets stored securely in the Cloud, without taking any space on the device. The manufacturer has given utmost importance to the aspect of thesecurity of the app, and they are extending the most secure safety arrangement, without making the user interface complicated or intricate.

This app feature the capacity to accommodate up to 5000 members for group chat, sharing documents and audio-video files. Hence, it is the perfect application to host communities online as well as enable coordination among group members. This is for this feature that these days, various enterprises are using this app for internal communication purposes as well as to maintain a seamless connection with the external stakeholders of the business.

The design of Telegram has been made in a style that it takes the minimum Bytes for delivering the messages. In the opinion of the experts, Telegram is the most trustworthy apps for instant messaging purposes, and it holds robust functionality to work perfectly on the most feeble mobile connections.

One of the most impressive features of Telegram is that it comes with robust tools for editing photographs and videos as well as it is an open platform for GIF/Sticker that enables the users to express their feeling and mood in the perfect style.

Why should you use Telegram?

  • You will not require paying any fee for registering your profile, nor you will be asked to pay any membership fees.
  • The app never sells advertisements.
  • Robust security and safety arrangement.
  • You will never ever lose your data.
  • Allows high-speed instant messaging as well as sharing of files.
  • Robust support services for the users.
  • Telegram is cloud based, and hence, you can access it from all sorts of devices.


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