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All About Truecaller App

Using Truecaller you will be able to know the name and certain details of a phone number even in case the number is not saved in the contact list. This information is available from all users who make use of this app.

As you use this application, you confer yours as well as every individual's details which are stored on the device to the company that uses for showing names and addresses to other users who are in search of some mobile numbers of the name.

With the installation of Truecaller app on your phone, it uploads all the contacts as well as the information which are linked with them from the contact list of the phone to the servers. As a user searches for the specific name or phone number, Truecaller makes use of numbers and other details which are uploaded from the phone for showing results for the specific search. Actually, it is making use of all the details which are uploaded from across the globe by users like you and me for displaying details of some specific phone number.

If you are willing to search any number of people from the web interface of Truecaller application, you require signing in with the use of Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, Facebook accounts. Almost all users share his or her contact details on different social media profiles. In case you sign in with the aid of social media profile, Truecaller will be accessing you as well as the number of friends who have the visibility for you. Hence, this can be one cause for signing with social media profiles.

Truecaller features:

A number of times we get worried regarding the identity of unknown callers while using smartphones. These contribute to ways to finding the identity of a caller. Truecaller contribute to being an application which a person can install in Android phones and make use of them for solving the mystery of unknown callers with a single click. Here is a list of some of the features of truecaller -

Block calls: This application enables users to block calls, In case you find that someone is disturbing you over phones, it is possible to block the number with the aid of this application.

Render yourself protection from spammers: Truecaller renders protection to you from known spammers in a specific region as soon as the application is downloaded in the phone. It is possible to reject calls from users who hide identity with the aid of this application.

Making use of Truedialer as the default dialer: Truecaller lets you block calls from people you are willing to avoid. Truecaller lets you use the same as the default dialer. It works on a specific location along with the existing contact list.

Identification of numbers with Search Bar: Truecaller confers search bar which helps in finding a phone number at ease. You just require typing a specific phone number in the specific field. You may also type name as well as address in the specific search bar.

Set up your own profile: Truecaller is beneficial in creating profile of your own. This assists call recipents to get information and different details about you. It is possible to display your full name along with your picture. It is also possible to add details such as email ID, website for the conveninence of contacts. The application let users who are willing to write short descriptions about themselves. In a similar manner, you can select to hide the identity from diferent call receipents under the privacy tab of settings.

Removal of number from the database: This application also enables the removal of a number from the database. You can visit after which you require typing phone number with country code. You be choosing a reason for removing a number, entering captcha and then clicking the unlist button.

Truecaller Pay: It contributes to being a mobile payment service with the largerst private sector bank ICICI which helps in sending and receiving payments. Truecaller will let millions of users of the application in India to create a UPI ID instantly, send money to the UPI ID or any phone number which is registered with BHIM application. It also lets users to recharge their phone number within the Truecaller application itself. Android users in India can send or receive in a secured way over the mobile phone with Truecaller Pay.

Video Calling: This feature is in integration with Google Duo. In combination with Google Duo, this application comes with a new video calling option to Truecaller 8 for the improvement of video calling for a number of Truecaller users. The video calling feature on this application will be rolled out for iOS and Android. There will be better video calling experience with the use of this truecaller integration to millions of new users. The ultimate goal of this feature is making video calling faster, simple and available to everyone.

SMS Service: Truecaller also comes with new SMS feature using which users will gain complete control on phone inbox. The feature will enable users to see instantly who is messaging and if there are spam messages, truecaller 8 will assist in filtering out in an automated manner.

Flash Messaging: Flash Messaging is recognized to be a new feature which enables users to send pre-defined messages in no time to different Truecaller users for letting them know about the state of mind, their location and other details.

Airtel Truecaller ID: In collaboration with Airtel, Truecaller has come up with this feature. The ultimate goal is extending the truecaller ID to non data users of Airtel with the use of feature phones via Flash SMS. This indicates that all feature phone users with Airtel Network will be capable of ussing Airtel Truecaller ID for knowing who is calling.

Why you need Truecaller?

It is possible for users to find about a fake caller at ease via truecaller since the application is good in handling fake calls. There are a number of cases where peole get annoyed owing to prank calls. They may be calling specific people for making them fool without answering. There are also higher possibilities of sending abusive texts to a person. Truecaller helps in finding the identity of such callers and blocking them. As you synchronize the app with Facebook account of users, you will be able to procure latest updates of photos as well as contacts of the friends. Owing to the interesting function of Truecaller app, the demand for the same has enhanced many folds.

What's new?

Version - 8.14

- New, Inbox Cleaner Feature, Let you remove all the spam and old OTPs Quickly.

- Now, You can use Bold, Italic, Underline, and inline text in chats.

- Some Known Bugs Fixed.

Package Information

  • Package: com.truecaller
  • Version: 8.14
  • Size: 16.4 MB
  • Requires: Android 4.1+ Or Higher
  • Category: Communication
  • Date: 2019-11-21 22:49:33
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