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All About Tubemate App

Tubemate Application is recognized to be a well renowned YouTube video downloader app. The application was developed for android platforms. There are no hidden charges or membership which can be applied even after installation of the application, it is totally free.

It is recognized to be trending among the fanatics in the present days. A number of people have begun liking these features of the application right after downloading them. It does not require any registration to procure the app on your mobile phone as it is possible to head directly to the search bar of the video downloading the application. It is possible to download videos you want by typing the name of the video on the search bar. Users can save the downloaded videos via this application on the SD cards. It is possible to move a specific video to a specific folder on the device with this application. The multiple connecting features of the device confer an amazing speed when the users are capable of downloading a specific video. Hence, the Tubemate application is recognized to be extremely optional. Both convenient and engaging video installing applications come with a wide number of impressive features which will be beneficial in browsing through a number of videos.

Tubemate was removed from the Play Store because of some Google terms issue. Google possesses all the rights which are reserved for the inclusion or exclusion of desired application from Android Play Store as Google is the owner of the Play Store.

In these days, Tubemate for Android smartphones can be availed in the form of APK files only which can be downloaded from websites that are offering Tubemate YouTube Download APP APK file. Installation of the downloaded APK file is free from hassles. It is possible to make Tubemate application running within few seconds of download. The version of the application for Windows Platform is not officially released yet.

Features of Tubemate

Youtube Video Downloader: Tubemate app confers facilities to download videos from Youtube. In case you possess a Tubemate application, you can download your favorite trailers, movies, songs, news and other desired videos from Youtube to the smartphone directly.

Conversion of Youtube to mp3: The Tubemate YouTube downloader app offer another extensive feature which is not offered by other Android applications. This feature is useful for conversion of any Youtube video into a mp3 file. This is another widely used feature of this application. Millions of people can convert YouTube video songs into mp3 files after which they can be downloaded.

Inbuilt YouTube video search box: Tubemate provide you with an inbuilt search box. This box will be useful in searching for your favorite video directly and then you will be able to watch that the whole layout of the search results is similar to Youtube. As you play a video from the list, it will come up with a similar layout as the YouTube application or website. However, in addition to the same, it will be conferring another button by which it is possible to download the video directly.

Flexibility for choosing video quality: It also confers complete flexibility for choosing video quality of the file that you are willing to download. As you click the download button of any video, it will be displaying a pop-up which confers a wide variety of frame sizes such as 720p, 360p, 1980p and 1280p. It is possible to choose a suitable and after that, downloading of the videos will start in an automated manner.

Tubemate Ads Free Version: This application is free from advertisements. There are no unnecessary pop-ups in the application. Initially, there were advertisements on almost all pages of the application. However, after procuring some positive customer reviews and positive response, the developers of this application has removed all the ads in the latest version.

Fast Download Manager: The tubemate application has another integral feature which is faster in downloading videos even in case you possess a 2G internet connection. It is recognized to be the most crucial feature of this application which is supported by a number of viewers. It is possible to download up to 10 videos without any interruption and you do not need to wait for others in order to finish the download. It is possible to keep the application in background mode as you are downloading the videos. Meanwhile, it is possible to do some work on the same device. In case you are done with the downloading of videos, you can go for saving the videos on the storage memory.

Why should you use Tubemate?

Here are the top reasons why you should go for this application:

Downloading Favourite Music to Enjoy Offline Music: Every person enjoys listening to their favourite music at various places at different times. In case you are willing to listen to some of the favourite songs and you do not have access to internet connection, you can download video downloader as it will assist in listening to favourite music anytime.

Installation is not a prerequisite: It is entirely your will in case you are willing to download the Tubemate application for your computer or whether you want to have an access to the cloud version for which no installations are required. With the assistance of cloud version of video downloader, it is possible to download at ease from the cloud after which download will start with a single click.

No risks of spyware or virus: In case you are searching for downloading of songs or videos from unknown videos, there may be associated certain risks of spyware or virus. As YouTube is recognized to be a safe platform, there is no requirement for downloading or viewing videos from other websites. Similar to YouTUbe, TUbermate application for a computer is safer for downloading the music or video with the use of YouTube.

Free of Cost: It is the most significant reason to download Tubemate since it is absolutely free of cost. You do not require paying a singular penny to download any number of videos you are willing to do. In addition to this, it does not show any ad or pops up during accessing like most of the video downloader displays. It is possible to download videos in lesser time without any interruption.

Downloading Video in Any Resolution: From low resolution to a higher resolution, this application enables users to download videos in any resolution you are willing to. You require choosing the resolution in accordance with your choice and enjoy seeing videos in the resolution of your choice.

Convertible to Multiple Downloadable Forms: It is possible to download the videos into different formats, irrespective of whether you are wishing to convert the video to MP3, MP4, Avi, etc.

What's new?

Version - 2.4.3

- All Bugs Fixed and Performance Improved.

- Video Downloading Speed Increased.

Package Information

  • Package: devian.tubemate.home
  • Version: 2.4.3
  • Size: 6.0 MB
  • Requires: Report: Or Higher
  • Category: Music & Video
  • Date: 2019-11-25 05:13:33
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