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All About Twitter App

Twitter popularly known to be a social networking website that lets users publish shorter messages which are visible to other users. These messages come to be known as tweets. They are essential of 140 characters in length. Users have gained success in finding various uses of Twitter which are inclusive of basic communication with family and friends. Twitter is also recognized to be a procedure of publicizing events. They also happen to be customer relations tools for organizations in order to communicate with the consumers. Founded in the year of 2006, the website has more than 4 to 5 million users. It is known to be the third well renowned social networking website post to MySpace and Facebook.

Features of Twitter

The 140-Character Count
Twitter allows you to post updates with 140 character limitation. In accordance with many people, this character limit is useful for the identification of Twitter. It is used for securing Twitter in place as it is considered to be the fastest ways which are available for spreading of ideas. Twitter comes with engaging content as well as possibly new users. Twitter has announced recently that soon media which is attached to tweets will not be counting against the 140 character count. The same will be applicable while replying to the tweet of other users. Thus, users will not require adding characters before a reply for making sure that the reply is seen by followers. Users will also be successful in retweeting the content of their own in case they are willing to add thoughts to the last post.

Accessible Images
People who are using Twitter can add alt text descriptions to all the images in the tweets. Websites come with long used alt text which assists the impaired visitors in understanding the messages which are conveyed by images in a visual way with the aid of assistive technology such as Braille Display, screen reader, etc. Accessible images require setting up at the user level. The accessible images can be set up at ease.

The Connect Tab
The Connect Tab is the latest feature of Twitter which permits you to scan the contacts for finding people to follow and confer custom recommendations on the basis of major interest accounts, existing follower profile, activity, and location.

'Go Live' Button for Periscope
Users will be able to see the go live button while composing tweets. This button will be used for connecting to Periscope and enabling users to broadcast via Twitter directly. This feature aids in expanding the content creators as well as content type marketers. In lieu of having a complicated Twitter Q&A and Tweetstorm, users are capable of using live streaming for the purpose of complication and publishing longer-form responses and thoughts. This is also useful in keeping the clutter down on Twitter feeds and garner engagement in live and more compelling video format.

Native GIF Search
In the past, you need to search for the right GIF in search engines, save the same, go back to Twitter for recomposing the Tweet and uploading the image finally. With the aid of the new GIF feature of Twitter, you will be able to click the button and conduct search. No uploading or saving is required.

The Switch to Uncropped Photos
Twitter has come up with The Switch to Uncropped Photos feature which indicates that Twitter is more engaging and visual right off the bat. In addition to uncropped photo update, Twitter has also come up with a new video for multi-photo displays. This feature enables users to see some of the individual photos which are included in a collage.

Increased Anti-harassment Features
Twitter has started responding to threats and harassment on the network with a series of services and features which are aimed at keeping people safe. These additions are inclusive of stronger functionality for the purpose of muting, blocking and reporting abuse, clear picture of abusive behavior in the term of service of the platform, launching of Trust and Safety Council, Twitter Safety Center. These features ensure that Twitter always stays as a welcoming palace for users.

Why should you use Twitter

Twitter is used by business for a number of reasons which are enlisted below:

Other businesses are doing it
Different brands are making use of Twitter for marketing purpose. Twitter is also being used on an extensive scale by small and medium scale business for connecting the bridge between the customers and business. You are sure to gain a number of followers for your business profile with the aid of Twitter.As you make a business profile in Twitter, people may gain more interest in doing business with you. You can also connect with customers 24*7 with the aid of twitter.

Fastest way of delivering messages
Twitter is recognized to be the fastest way for getting messages. Assuming the existing and potential customers are present on Twitter, you can let them know about various announcements or even about new products, upcoming event or special deals. As the businesses are advertising on Twitter, it is possible to reach potential customers at ease with the aid of this profile.

Twitter will assist in staying on market segment or top of industry
You can see what other people are saying with the aid of this social media profile. You can also refine your brand as you create a business profile for your organization.

What's new?

Version - 7.3.1

- New, Dark Mode Added.

- Known Sneaky Bugs fixed.

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