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All About Uber App

Uber App Provides cabs to users at cheap rate as transport is one of the very important and necessary things in the world. It is absolutely why people must have one of their own. But not everybody does. The cab services often are also very disturbing but not with Uber.

This is apparently why choosing Uber can be considered as one best possible option. Uber is a cab application that people can select of course. With this can application they can travel places.

Of course people require a smart phone for the same. It is apparently why this application is definitely one very important Uber application that all must have.

What are the features of Uber?

Following are the various features of this Uber application that people must know of:

Organized application:
This application is definitely one of the most organized applications that people might come across with. With the help of this application, people can definitely get through with the very best organized feeling. This Uber application of course makes things easier for people thus.

Greatly user friendly:
This Uber application is of course user friendly. People will not take much time to figure out how to operate it. And thus they can definitely use this whenever they like.

A drop down menu:
This Uber application comes with a drop down menu on the left. It ensures that people can actually understand that where they can find the various options. Also these are extremely easy for people to understand.

Easy updates:
This Uber application updates every while and of course brings in the best available features. It is absolutely why using this application is very much beneficial for the people.

Why use Uber App to book a cab?

Following are various reasons why people must use this Uber application:

Easy to travel to places:
Of course this is one advantage that all already knows about. This is one of those apps that provide people with the option of a transport. These cabs are really easy to book and people can safely and soundly travel from any place to another but within the limited boundary.

Great navigation and GPS properties:
This Uber application provides people with an opportunity to understand where they are and which route is better for them. They can even send notifications or a link of their GPS to their relatives. This definitely allows their family members to understand that where they are exactly.

Great rates:
This is of course the best part about this service. The rates are no wonder great. People can sometimes face surcharged prices depending on the situation. But then again they can choose to board the ride then or later.

Different car services:
There are different car services that are offered. There is a UberGo service. In this people can select the standard car that can take up to around 4 people. Also there is a UberX service and people can of course choose this if they are 6 people.There is a UberPool service and in this people can choose to ride single or with other people as well. But then again they can simply pay for their own sit. And others can board the car as well.

Ride anytime:
Now people do not have to worry about travelling places in night time or any time of emergency. They can simply download this Uber application and book their ride and they will surely get through with their service.

How to use Uber app to book your ride?

Using this service is very easy. People can use Uber select the place that they are travelling from. They can use the auto-detect or they can type it down. Then they have to choose the place where they want to visit. They will get a rate. If they feel that there is a surge on it and do not want to travel. Then they can choose to wait. Also, if they think that the charge is right, then they can choose to travel of course.

What's new?

Version - 4.159.4

- Bugs Fixes and Performance Improvements.

- Now, Uber Apps is more stable, reliable, fast for Users.

Package Information

  • Package: com.ubercab
  • Version: 4.159.4
  • Size: 41.96 MB
  • Requires: Android 5.0 Or Higher
  • Category: Productivity
  • Date: 2019-11-23 05:13:44
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