YouCam Makeover

YouCam Makeover

5.18.9 for Android
Perfect Corp.

Give your Selfie a dream makeover with the YouCam Makeover app

All About YouCam Makeover App

YouCam Makeover, as you can make it from the name, is an app that serves the purpose of giving a makeover to your Selfies. Coming into the category of Corp photography application, this app will allow you to relish a unique experience of giving some special appearance to your photos through some exclusive beauty looks. The app draws inspiration from the Ghost from the Shell Movie and its purpose is to assist the users in giving a shell looks to their Selfies. This application enables the users to have thefun of giving a customized look and appearance to their selfies.

YouCam is the perfect choice to give a makeover to the aspects like Hairstyles, eye & facial makeup, Lipstick, freckles, and contour. In addition, the app features the new makeup tutorials that work on the live streaming technology. This will enable the users to develop makeup looks, experiment with hairstyles as well as shop around for their favorite products. The functionality of the app to give a makeover to the selfies will support you to make the most impacting digital appearance. You can stay stylish with the tips on makeup as well as ideas on hairdos. Hence, it will not be the slightest exaggeration to state that this app will enable you to get oriented with the luxury fashion.

Features of YouCam ?

The feature that has impressed the users the most is the Makeup Cam that allows the users to get a real-time makeover on their selfies. This app facilitates instant makeover with more than 100 of beauty looks and makeup ideas that users can apply in real time, similarly to the magic mirror.

YouCam comes with anediting tool that enables you to edit the selfies as well as allow the users to shop beauty care products. The Live streaming facility will enable you to seek coaching, guidance, and suggestions from expert beauticians. In addition, this will enable you to stay tuned with the prevailing and evolving makeup and styling trends.

Another worthy feature of YouCam is the editing tool that will get you a flawless face and skin and hence, you get a glamorous look. The tool will support you In adjusting the skin tone as well as eliminate the impression of tan on the face. Using this editing tool, you can give a smoother and more supple appearance to the face and the skin, getting you a completely on Fleek look.

There features that allows the users to add contour and blush as well as eliminate shine for getting a natural and pristine look. Most importantly, this app allows the chances to change the color of the eyes as well as to overlay the makeup to alter the styling.

What makes YouCam popular among the users?

Comes with arrays of editing tool to give a complete makeover to your look and appearance. For instance, the app even allows such editing that will eliminate the spots and stains from the teeth.

In addition to the capacity to edit the photos, this app will enable you to shop the best quality beauty products.

Connects you with expert and experienced beauty technicians.

YouCam serves update of thedaily horoscope, in addition to the styling and makeup ideas.

Package Information

  • Package: com.cyberlink.youcammakeup
  • Version: 5.18.9
  • Size: 44.88 MB
  • Requires: Android 4.1 Or Higher
  • Category: Photography
  • Date: 2019-11-22 09:26:59
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