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All About Zapya App

Zapya is an app that allows cross-platform sharing of photographs, movie, music as well as other categories of files of all sizes, over computers and mobile devices. This app is compatible to function on iOS & Android devices as well as in Windows Phone and devices, running with operating systems like Windows XP, 7 and 8.

Zapya is considered the fastest tool for transferring files for communications in thenear-field. No matter you are traveling, or you are at work, this app will enable you to maintain a seamless connection with people in your network. It will be right to say that this app supports you in meeting your social needs.

Features of Zapya

Wireless File Transfer: using this app, you can share files of all types and sizes within short communication range, without connecting the devices through wires and USB Cables. Hence, it offers the ultimate flexibility.

Zapya functions without the internet connection: a gallant feature of this app is that it functions without the need for internet connectivity. Hence, you can reduce the expenses for excessive data consumptions. You will not require spending additional amount to activate internet facilities on your mobile devices. This feature comes highly beneficial for the users as the consumption of anexcessive amount of data can escalate the expenses on an ongoing basis.

Zapya features an extremely easy user interface, and hence, the app comes extremely user-friendliness. Users review that they never find hassles and difficulties in sharing files, using this app.

Zapya comes with an inbuilt messaging system: in addition to facilitating file sharing, this app comes with an inbuilt system for instant messaging. Thus, using this app, you can communicate with your friends closely, even without the need to have internet connection on your mobile device.

High-Speed operation: another feature that boosts the popularity of this app is its high-speed operation. Transferring of files usually gives an experience of sluggishness. In that regard, this app will be a wonderful resource to opt for. Users who are using this app reviews that the app enables them to transfer the files at alightning pace.

Supports group transfer: users love this app as it facilitates transferring of files in groups. As a matter of fact, the app allows group transfer of files up to 5 devices at a go.

Why should you download Zapya?

Following are the reasons for which you should opt for Zapya:

You can download this app for free, and it runs without the need for internet connection, the app involves no setup or operating costs, for reasons whatsoever. This is one of the key reasons beyond the popularity of this file sharing app.

One of the unique benefits of this app is that it combines the functionality of file sharing as well as theinstant messenger. As a matter of fact, using this app, you can message your friends, without the needs for internet connection on your device.

Zapya works on all types of devices and helps in cross-platform transfer of files. You can transfer files of all types and sizes. There is not limit to the size of the file that you can transfer, using this app.

What's new?

Version - 4.8 (US)

- Minor Bugs and Crashes Fixed.

- UI Layout Enhancements for Better User Experience.

Package Information

  • Package:
  • Version: 4.8 (US)
  • Size: 8.11 MB
  • Requires: Android 4.0.3 Or Higher
  • Category: Tools
  • Date: 2021-09-26 00:11:10
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