If you want to learn a new language and want to know “What is the best app to learn a language on?” that can make your learning journey more fun and exciting. Don’t worry, we have you covered, Here we listed the top 5 applications that will not only assist you throughout your learning path, but also make your life a little bit easier by providing all the study content right at your fingertips with one click.

Here are the Top 5 Language Learning apps

  1. Duolingo app Duolingo – Duolingo is a free application that can assist you in learning more than 30 languages with its simple user interface and fun bite-sized lessons based on science and other real-life topics. You can learn a lot by just spending a few minutes daily on the application. It lets you practice vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation and listening skills real quick with it’s amazing and interactive lessons. Over 100+ million users from all over the globe already using Duolingo to learn new languages.
  2. Babble app Babbel – Babbel is a subscription-based language learning application that offers a comprehensive education system to learn new languages based on powerful AI technology that is developed and designed to make your language learning journey fast and easy. No matter if you’re a beginner or intermediate Babbel always has something great to offer you in order to make you more confident and comfortable with a new language. It’s a one-stop solution to learning any new language you wish to learn.
  3. Memrise Memrise – Memrise is a free and fun language learning application that targets to teach new words and phrases to make you pro in any language you’re learning, so you can speak a new language with confidence like native speakers. There are thousands of video examples of language used in real life to give you practical knowledge. It offers learning lessons and tutorials in a such immersive way that it feels like you’re practising with locals. Download Memrise and learn 23+ languages with ease.
  4. Busuu app Busuu – Busuu helps you in learning new languages in a practical and immersive way with its award-winning courses. It allows users to interact with real native speakers to make them more confident in real-life conversations. There are 13+ languages that you can learn with the Busuu application. Although it’s a free app for beginners but you can unlock full benefits with its premium plans. There are thousands of native speakers and language experts on this application with whom you can practice new languages.
  5. Hellotalk app HelloTalk – HelloTalk is one of the best applications to learn new languages because of its unique approach. Instead of providing per-guided lessons and study materials like other applications, HelloTalk lets you connect with native speakers of any language you want real quick, so you can practice a new language with native speakers in real-time through text or voice chats. It’s in-app features like real-time translation assists you to understand each other’s language properly. You can interact and have a conversation and correct each other’s language mistakes with in-app correction features. There is a huge community of different language native speakers on HelloTalk, ready to teach you any language you want with ease.

All of these apps have good ratings on Appstore and Google Play Store, you can choose any of these.

Which app is best for learning language for free?

When it comes to the free app I’ll say Duolingo is the app you must try, but Memrise is also a free good language-learning app to go with.

Is Babbel or Duolingo better?

According to many reviewers, Babbel is their choice for many reasons like Its teaching style and delivery but it is a premium app. So Duolingo wins the best spot because you can use it for free.


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