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Brothers In Arms 3

1.4.4c for Android

by: Gameloft

A battlefield for the brave hearts

  • Size 49.23MB
  • Version 1.4.4c
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  • Developer Gameloft
  • Requirment Android 4.0+
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  • Added 2023-04-07

All About Brothers In Arms 3

Brothers In Arms 3 is an ultimate battle game where the players get to fight brave soldiers from around the globe. it has a frenzied multiplayer battleground of world war 2.

Brothers In Arms 3 allows you to become Sergeant Wright and experience a dramatic. it gives you a life-changing single-player journey that takes place in the aftermath of the d-day invasion.

Features of Brothers In Arms 3

The players have 4 maps to master and enjoy.

Brothers In Arms 3 has 2 game play modes to begin. it has free for all mode and a team death match mode.

The players can easily unlock game-changing perks by playing with each weapon class.

weapons are the trademark for each soldier so be sure to upgrade your weapons regularly.

It allows you to experience unique single-player squad-based combat .

It even allows you to use your brothers to gain a tactical advantage.

The users can employ their diverse abilities.

The players can do various attacks like air strike, Molotov, rocket blast, mortar fire and much more.

The users can unlock new allies.

Train and upgrade them into seasoned soldiers.

Brothers In Arms 3 has damage output, ability cool down, hp pool, AoE ability damage and much more.

It allows you to dive into exhilarating action game play.

It has a smooth cover-based 3rd-person action with free movement.

The players can undergo various types of missions such as assault, sniper, siege and stealth.

Brothers In Arms 3 has unique and impressive kill cam zooms.

It allows you to pick your favorite weapon.

The players can unlock new weapons and turn them into the ultimate arsenal with fire rate, recoil, reload speed or clip size upgrades!.

The users can experience the game-changing power of experimental weapons create mayhem using various special skills.

Use triple or infinite bullets, electric discharges and much more.

The players can enjoy eye-catching visual effects.

It has amazing stunning indoor and outdoor settings.

It has cool weather and time-of-day variations.

It has amazing console-like graphics for a AAA gaming experience.

The players can win awesome rewards in special events.

The missions gradually increase in difficulty level to give you more challenge.


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