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FIFA 15 Soccer Ultimate Team

1.7.0 for Android


The best soccer game is back on Android

  • Size 1.4GB
  • Version 1.7.0
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  • Requirment Android 2.3.4+
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  • Added 2023-04-07

All About FIFA 15 Soccer Ultimate Team

FIFA Ultimate Team is the game which allows you to enjoy the 'Ultimate Team’ game mode from phone or tablet.The app is completely free.The game contains a pack of cards which lets you chose and pick the players you need, coaches, training systems, contracts to make your dream team from options of more than 10,000 players and 5,000 teams.The enthusiasts of this video game call them FUT community (FIFA Ultimate Team).To use more cards, you need to earn money through winning games or use original money.

Features FIFA Ultimate Team

Choose between classical controls systems with virtual buttons.

Requires Android 2.3.3 or higher.

Coming up with fresh features such as Concept Squad, Friendly Seasons, and more.

Easy to download any requires upgraded flash players.

How to Play FIFA 15 ?

  1. Before you start to play download the app in your android device on
  2. In case it’s on a console or PC. Purchase a copy of FIFA 15 for Xbox 360TM, PlayStation 3 or PC.
  3. Select ultimate team from main menu within FIFA 15 and follow tutorials.
  4. Set Up a security question and answer.
  5. Turn on Login Verification.

The below checklist will help you to prepare yourself for playing FIFA Ultimate 15.

Prepare yourselfTo play FIFA Ultimate Team and win a game requires you to do a lot of research and know the basics as to the rules, modes and methods for playing etc. Plan your game like choosing team, players, clubs and seasons.

Start as soon as possibleThe trick is to start as soon as possible, in the initial days the market will be unstable and that will give you chance to make good deals if you are sure of what you are doing. Let’s see how you can start.

FUT 16 Web and Companion Apps: The app is open to access for last season participants with numerous benefits and more money making chances and for new users the app has to be bought.

EA Access: This a subscription paid program available for XboxOne user only.

Pre-Order: In pre-order you will receive 15 gold packs, one per week.

Game Release: Be active when the game is released to enable you to make your profits the best.

Pick a NameChoose a name for your club. Insert the name you chose and mind it that it cannot be changed. When you start the FUT 16 the first time, you will be asked to check the club’s name and abbreviation.

Sell All Your CardsAfter the name is set a gift of some packs will be received by you. The sooner you sell your cards the better it will be as that’s when the real game starts. But make sure don’t haste in selling off instead try them in the transfer market first.

Gather even more CoinsThe chances of performing into the game increases with the prospects of buying more coins through various sources like getting from old seasons.

Start TradingAfter the money and coins are earned the good way is to start trading with various options and making sure that you keeps aside some money for contingencies.

Hire ManagersThe managers are a critical part of your team as they manage your contracts as they help you get best contracts for the club. They tend to be expensive.

Form Your TeamOnce all the buying of players, managers and team formation has to happen. The role of each player and their position on field has to be decided with extras and their back-ups.

Play the GameYes, once your formation is complete its time to play in the season and earn more and more money by focusing on winning games.


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