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All About Pacific Rim Game

WB Pictures inspired the game developers to come up with various games out of fiction and fantasies. One of such games is the Pacific Rim. The game is very much available in Appdodo so that players can download Pacific Rim and enjoy playing it soon.

The plot is that the Earth has been attacked by monstrous creatures and the defenders of the Earth have to now come up with their jockeys for protection. You need to build up your skills fast to fight against the monsters because time is not much left in hand.

Features Of The Game Pacific Rim:

Pacific Rim Application is supported by a number of features so that Pacific Rim for Android can attract a number of players.

1. Pacific Rim game is available in story mode and there are as many as 30 different levels where you can challenge the monsters and can get a level higher.

2. You can customize your fight where you can choose your character and also your monster.

3. There are various customized equipments that are technology driven for a great help at your fight with the monsters.

4. Some of the equipments and weapons that you have gained since starting of the game may not work well as the game advanced. For you this you need a much powerful weapon. So, you can upgrade your weapons and equipments as the game proceeds.

5. You can research through pacific rim game and you can know various ways how you can increase the performance of your weapons and also your speed.

6. There are various events that may take place from time to time in the universe of the game. Stay tuned to know about this updates from time to time.

7.Get Pacific Rim game, start playing it and then boast your high scores on the leader board or challenge your other friends to be in the competition with you.

Package Information

  • Package: com.jumpgames.pacificrim
  • Version:
  • Size: 3.36 MB
  • Requires: Android 4.0 Or Higher
  • Category: Action
  • Date:
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