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The Godfather

1.23 for Android
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King Of Strategic Gaming For Android Devices

All About The Godfather Game

The GodFather, one of the strategic mobile games in the world of mobile gaming. You need to play the game in a strategic way to beat your enemies. It is a game which is all about name, fame and money. The more you can acquire name and wealth, the more you can see your enemies increasing in numbers. So, you need to play the game, keeping eyes on the activities of the enemies.

Overview of The GodFather

When you will start to play The God Father the game, you officially become the member of Don vito Corleone’s team. You will need to play the game according to the command of Don Vito Corleone. The more you can follow the Don the more you can earn money and accumulate wealth. In the game, you need to make proud Corleone as you will play the second commander who is underboss of Corleone.

Real Features of The GodFather Game

The The GodFather game is the biggest hit for the Mobster lovers. You can download the game in easy steps on your Android mobile. The basic thing is that you need to play the game for your boss and you need to help him making his empire. You will wipe out enemies who come in the way making, mansion, wealth and accumulation money. The features of the game in brief.

It’s a strategic android game.

Players need to play being the part of the Corleone family.

The picture quality and sound of the game is just awesome.

You will portray the character of underworld mafia in the game.

The important thing of the game is that you will play under the influence of the boss. You need to make him proud and pleased each time you will fight against the enemy.

Package Information

  • Package: com.dipan.feelingtouch.godfather
  • Version: 1.23
  • Size: 99.04 MB
  • Requires: Android 4.0 Or Higher
  • Category: Strategy
  • Date:
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